About Us

Massapequastore.com is a design firm and online promotional store dedicated to creating new and elevated Massapequa branded apparel and living products for both residents and Massapequa Businesses. We are team of designers, marketing specialists, and manufacturing groups working to promote Massapequa and TOBAY through great designed products. We are your Massapequa Store.

The Mission of MASSAPEQUASTORE.COM is to preserve and illuminate Massapequa heritage, culture, and community through design. We provide the widest range of stylized Massapequa and TOBAY Products Online anywhere on Long Island. The focus of the Massapequa Store Design team is to create new designs and high quality products that update the history and iconic value of Massapequa.

We work with Massapequa Businesses!

• Massapequa & TOBAY Designs
• Hundreds of Massapequa Products
• Massapequa Promotional Items
• Printing and Embroidery Design Services

Contact us to collaborate on marketing campaigns for your iconic Massapequa business!